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Founded by a former Police, Department of Defense (Afghanistan), & Department of State (Kabul Embassy) K9 Handler/Trainer, K9SF is all about working with dogs and their owners to foster a truly unbreakable bond and a feeling of mutual respect. We are a small, premium level dog training company focused on offering quality, private, one-on-one training that is custom tailored to you and your dog's needs. We bring years of experience working with dogs in many different ways and that allows us to provide the best possible service and outcomes. We are passionate about dogs and are truly fortunate to be able to bring our knowledge to help out where we're needed.

Minneapolis, MN

1034 3rd Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

We've moved! Now located in Northeast Minneapolis, K9SF Minnesota provides all of our dog training offerings to the greater Twin Cities regional area. Training can take place at your home, our office, a dog-friendly public location and/or online. At-home training for customers farther than 15 miles from our office may require an additional fee - please contact us for a free quote.


Appointment hours*: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm


*In many instances, we are able to accommodate trainings outside of our normal appointment hours if needed. Please contact us for more information.

Los Angeles, CA

K9SF Private Dog Training
Southern California

Our Southern California location works with the entertainment industry providing consulting and support for productions involving dogs and animals and handles all of the technical aspects of K9SF such as client support, video production, online course creation, remote video training, and training development, but does not offer any in person private training services.

Our Trainers & Staff

Ryan, Owner / CEO
Los Angeles, CA

With over 5 years of government working dog handling & training experience and 5+ years of working with private clients, and their pets, Ryan brings his love of working with dogs to every training session. He has completed three K9 Schools and uses his advanced tactical K9 skills from working with large, aggressive breeds to help ensure that clients and even the smallest of canine companions have a fun and positive experience. Ryan oversees the global operations of K9SF and currently works in Hollywood in the entertainment industry assisting with productions involving dogs and animals such as America's Top Dog, The Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Games, and World Pet Games.

Milo, General Manager & Head Trainer
Minneapolis, MN

Milo has 10+ years of experience working with dogs. Starting with his work at Downtown Dogs, he has gained skills and insights into working with and training dogs of all sizes, breeds, temperaments and has an extensive knowledge in dog psychology. Milo works hard to help clients and their dogs work as a cohesive team. He can also work with clients to make their dog as social as possible with other dogs as well as humans, including introducing dogs to a group environment such as a dog park. Milo remains calm and non-judgemental with clients and their dogs and is highly capable of making decisions to benefit the client while training.

Sarah, Assistant Manager & Trainer
Minneapolis, MN

Sarah earned a BS in both Biology & Psychology, focused on animal behavior, from UCF. In college, Sarah became a wolf educator, learning to interpret canine behavior under one of the world’s leading wolf biologists. She became an educator at Sea World & interned at zoos and sanctuaries working mainly with large carnivores. Sarah shows both passion & understanding of dog behavior & how it relates to the human-canine bond. She is an AKC CGC Evaluator & continues to expand her knowledge by attending seminars & schools. She is a Board Member for the Land Shark Working Dog Club, & competes in Dock Diving, FastCAT, Rally, Protection Sports & Barn Hunt. Her 7 years of animal training & love of dog sports, inspires her to help families find new activities to do with their dogs.  Sarah's happy to bring her education & experience to help families build better relationships with their dogs at K9SF.

Sam, Operations Coordinator & Trainer
Minneapolis, MN

Having grown up in a household with German Shepherds, Sam has developed his skills through his interactions with this highly intelligent and task-driven breed. Sam now enjoys working with his own German Shepherd and understands the importance of early socialization, consistent training, and leadership to be successful with any dog. Time spent volunteering at the Cedar Valley Humane Society provided him the experience of working with dogs of all different breeds, including those who came from troubled circumstances.

Ashley, Trainer
Minneapolis, MN

Ashley has had a love of training dog since she was a kid. Her specific love of dog behavior & psychology came when she started working as a kennel technician. Wanting to learn more about learning theory & behavior she got a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. Since then, she has been training professionally for more than 6 years. Ashley's background in training consists primarily of basic and advanced obedience, animal trick training/performance, reactivity and fear aggression. She has also trained animals for a contract company out of Sea World. Ashley has volunteered for numerous animal rescues, her favorite being a wolf rescue in Orlando. She loves helping owners build better relationships with their dogs and showing them their dog's full potential. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys participating in personal protection, barn hunt/scent work, & FastCAT.


Nat,  Assistant Trainer
Minneapolis, MN

Nat has worked with dogs for the majority of their life and has recently shifted their focus to dog training. They began their career by walking neighborhood dogs and volunteering at local rescues. Nat gained extensive experience handling dogs of all ages, breeds, temperaments, and sizes while working at doggy daycares. In 2019, they adopted a reactive pitbull mix who now holds all 3 CGC titles. Nat serves our country in the Army Reserves, is committed to continuous education and enjoys pursuing sport work with their Belgian Malinois when not attending seminars or listening to webinars and podcasts.

Your Name, Trainer
Minneapolis, MN

Your name and information could be listed here.  K9SF is looking for experienced professional  trainers to join our team. Send us your resume and contact info if you have the know-how to train dogs of all breeds and sizes and provide quality, friendly instruction to dogs' owners.

K9SF is looking for qualified trainers and handlers. If you are interested in working with us, please email us your resume and qualifications.

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